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In March of 1999 my twin brother Evan and I entered the world rather unremarkably. We had a very typical family; Mom, Dad and brother Harrison now had two new members. My father is a doctor, my mother is a social worker and Harrison was what appeared to be an average and adorable two year old. Little did we all know that we were anything, but an ordinary family. As time passed my mother and father struggled to understand Harrison's emerging developmental delays, while raising all of us and supporting their growing family. For me this was my family and it all seemed very normal. It is the only family I have ever known. As time passed I learned that our family was different than most. We attended family support groups, but I realized that sibling groups were severely lacking. I wanted to create this organization to fill that void, especially in a world where the autistic community is aging.


I am a proud sibling of an autistic individual. Please join me in this journey of discovery. As siblings we have a very special opportunity. We can and must navigate this road together. I learned that you don't have to be like everyone else to be valid, and that someone with autism can be an example of what is good, pure and right in this world.

~ Jacqueline Perel

President and Founder of Siblings with Autism